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Eureka Group Holdings Ltd (Eureka) stands as a prominent ASX-listed company dedicated to offering affordable independent seniors’ rental accommodation. With a growing portfolio of villages, Eureka owns and manages over 52 villages nationwide, encompassing approximately 2800 units.

As the largest provider of affordable seniors’ rental accommodation in Australia, Eureka is committed to modernising its operations to sustain growth and competitiveness in the digital era.


As Eureka pursued its trajectory of expansion, it recognised the critical need to enhance its business processes and systems. With a vision to future-proof its operations and ensure scalability, Eureka aimed to streamline its organisational structure and embrace modern technologies. However, bridging the gap between its current state and future aspirations posed a significant challenge.


SMC partnered with Eureka to address these challenges through a holistic approach encompassing the following key projects:

  1. Analyse & Blueprint: SMC conducted an extensive analysis and blueprinting exercise, mapping out Eureka’s existing business processes and crafting a digital transformation roadmap. This phase laid the groundwork for future initiatives, guiding Eureka towards optimised workflows and enhanced operational efficiency.
  2. Select & Negotiate: Leveraging insights from the analysis phase, SMC facilitated requirements definition sessions and led the enterprise software selection process. Through rigorous evaluation and negotiation, SMC assisted Eureka in identifying the most suitable technology solutions aligned with its strategic objectives and operational needs.
  3. Plan & Prepare: With the software selection phase completed, SMC collaborated with Eureka to develop a robust plan for the deployment of the chosen enterprise software. This involved meticulous planning, resource allocation, and readiness assessments to ensure a seamless transition to the new systems.


The partnership between Eureka Group Holdings and SMC, combined with the execution of the aforementioned projects, have paved the way for future success.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By laying the groundwork for digital transformation through business process mapping and roadmap development, Eureka is poised to enhance its operational efficiency and drive productivity gains.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The rigorous requirements definition and software selection processes conducted in collaboration with SMC have equipped Eureka with the insights and tools needed to make informed technology investments aligned with its strategic vision.
  • Strategic Preparedness: Through meticulous planning and preparation for software deployment, Eureka has positioned itself for a smooth transition to the new systems, minimising disruptions and maximising the potential for success.

While the implementation phase has yet to commence, the groundwork laid through the partnership between Eureka Group Holdings and SMC sets the stage for future success and underscores the value of strategic collaboration in driving organisational transformation.


“Our partnership with Solution Minds Consulting has been instrumental in our journey towards organisational transformation. Their expertise and dedication will enable us to modernise our operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. We are grateful for their invaluable support and look forward to continued success together.”

Natalie McGrath
Group Business Transformation Manager
Eureka Group Holdings