Choosing the right ERP Solution for your Business

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Choosing the right ERP solution for your Australian or New Zealand business

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Posted by: Jamon Johnston on
October 3, 2019

If you’ve started researching ERP solutions for your business, you will have come to realise the wide range of options that are available worldwide for your industry, from large global software entities to niche industry specific ERP systems.

Narrowing down the field can be a painful and time-consuming process, particularly when you’re looking for a system that is well supported locally in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand businesses not only need to find an ERP system that fits their industry and business size, but they also need to ensure the ERP meets the following local requirements:

  • Can the ERP system handle the local currency, taxation and legal frameworks?
  • Do they have local support centers in your time zone?
  • Is the system well supported by the local implementation partners you use?

To help assist you in narrowing down the ERP solutions that meet your local needs, we have created the Cloud ERP Vendor Guide for Australia, which showcases Vendors that have a track record in Australia and local capability for implementation and support.


Australian ERP options by Industry and Market Segment

To help you understand where each ERP solution mentioned in the Guide sits in respect to your business size, we have created an overview diagram.

Some ERP solutions work across multiple segments providing transitional cross-sector functionality for businesses to grow within their ERP system, for example if your business were to grow from a small to mid-sized business.

You will often find in these cases that while the solution allows business growth, it is tailored more towards its primary market, which could be the higher or lower end of that scale, offering too much functionality to the lower end, or not enough to the higher end.


Australian and New Zealand Software Solutions by Market Segment

Remember not all ERP solutions are meant to be used cross-industry, therefore it’s best to refer to our guide which indicates which solutions are best for Manufacturing, Distribution and Professional Services businesses.


Which ERP Market Segment does your business fit into?

As a quick guide there are three primary market segments your business may fit into, Enterprise, Mid-Market and Small Business.

Enterprise Level (Tier 1) businesses

Your business would be considered Enterprise level if it met the following parameters:

  • Greater than $500M annual revenue
  • More than 100 users
  • Multiple business entities
  • High complexity business structure

Mid-Tier Level (Tier 2) businesses

Your business would be considered mid-tier if it met the following parameters:

  • $20M – $500M annual revenue
  • 10 – 250 users
  • Single to Multiple business units or industries
  • Some complexity

Small (Tier 3) businesses

Your business would be considered small if it met the following parameters:

  • $10M to $50M annual revenue
  • Less than 10 users
  • Basic ERP functionality

What is the best ERP solution for your business?

Download our Cloud ERP Vendor Guide for Australia which provides an overall introduction to the top Enterprise Software Vendors for your Industry category and business size, to help you narrow down the shortlist of Vendors that have a track record in Australia and local capability for implementation and support.