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Data Smarter, SMC New Data Vendor Guide Released

Data Vendor Guide for Business intelligence, data management, artificial intelligence, automation
Posted by: Sharon Squires-Hansen on
July 15, 2021

SMC is pleased to announce the publication of a new Data Vendor Guide, the latest in SMC’s suite of publications that provide useful information for businesses looking at digitally transforming.

The Data Guide gives an overview of the top business intelligence, data management, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation software vendors in the Australian and New Zealand market. Without a doubt, data is the currency of the digital economy and companies that are better able to leverage it will naturally perform the best in the long term.

“A cultural shift is needed to change the way workers perform work to take more of a data driven approach to decision-making and actions. Workers need to recognise the importance of both using and maintaining data, and they need to be incentivised to encourage the desired behaviours,” comments Ilario Dichiera, Data AI and Automation Practice Lead at SMC.

“Whilst benefits can be gained by individual data solutions, the largest benefits are obtained when combining data capabilities to enable ‘intelligent automation’.

“Intelligent automation is the progression towards automating processes based on data insights obtained through artificial intelligence. The most exciting aspect is that these technological capabilities are available now at an attractive price point.”

SMC’s Data Guide also looks at data maturity and how a business can see where they sit compared to low or high data maturity, and how to increase their data maturity.

“Becoming a data leader is a journey, requiring aligned investments in data, technology, people, process, and governance. This is why we recommend starting with a strategy and blueprint,” adds Mr Dichiera.

The new Data Vendor Guide is available at the SMC website as a complimentary resource to help move your business further along the journey of selecting the right software to suit your needs.

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