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Distribution Vendor Guide Now Released

Distribution ERP vendor guide for distribution industry
Posted by: Sharon Squires-Hansen on
July 13, 2021

SMC is pleased to announce the release of its latest Guide for the Distribution industry which is now available at its website. The Distribution ERP Guide gives a sneak peek, high level overview and understanding of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Vendor landscape and options that are available across Australia and New Zealand for the distribution industry.

Distribution organisations (as is the case in other sectors too) often begin their journey to digitally transform their organisation in earnest, and then soon become confused with what is on offer in the market, how to link it to what the organisation needs, and who the best fit partner is, for this all important journey.

Software vendors may not always provide the best guidance either. Often, businesses are encouraged to assess all the different vendors (which is a massive task) and then make a decision among dozens of solutions. It is a significant undertaking requiring many hours of analysis and diligent understanding of the holistic offering. The resources for this also require specialist skills to be able to uncover the true value proposition and how this applies to the organisation. Without this focus, mistakes are highly likely. That’s where SMC can help as it has taken all the hard work out of collating this information.

SMC specialises in all aspects of enterprise software (ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.) selection and has an extensive knowledge base of Vendor options for the Distribution sector (and many other industry sectors) across the ANZ region, to help decision-makers become better informed about their investment and enable objective, wise choices for the organisation.

Mile Dimkovski, Director at SMC states that for Distribution companies wanting to improve on technology, processes and business practices, reading through this Guide will be an invaluable step – whether it is your first step or whether you are further along the journey.

“It will help you understand what technology options are out there to help improve the way your organisation operates and address all the challenges that are impeding or slowing down your business’ growth to date. It will also help introduce some other aspects to consider during this important phase that will set you up for success later on in your journey”

“We have done our homework on more than a dozen ERP systems for the Distribution industry, and collated this information into a comparison table, to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of each one.”

The Distribution ERP Vendor guide is available at the SMC website as a complimentary resource to help move you further along the journey of selecting the right software to suit your needs.

SMC is a 100% independent consultancy that specialises in enterprise software to enable your digital future.