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Guide to Change Management

Implementation Person
Posted by: Jamon Johnston on
February 6, 2019

Many projects begin with the best intentions, with outcome focused objectives, new competitive processes and the right system to support it. They set up plans, do the testing, fix all the bugs, train the people to use it and turn it on, only to find that they fall short of the expected returns.

The thing is that at the base of it all the key reasons for project failure all tend to be people focused. Here are what some of the key findings of our research has shown:

1. Unclear understanding of what the project wants to achieve
2. Lack of executive commitment 
3. Unclear Responsibilities 
4. Not Willing To Change Processes 
5. Limited Training 
6. Resistance from end users

It sounds logical that you really cannot just force people to accept a system even if it makes logical sense to for the business. This is because it is not a business decision to use the system or not, it is an individual’s choice. However, it is surprising that many projects seem to still get it wrong.

Download our guide to find out more about how change management can help ensure that the people side of Enterprise Software Solution Implementation projects is not left out.