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About BrainStorm IT

BrainStorm IT is a custom enterprise software development company; we develop, implement and enhance enterprise software to help businesses achieve their most ambitious goals. We do this by implementing ERP’s, integrating systems, and developing bespoke custom enterprise software solutions.

Our customers are people who have dreamed of something better than their current software or what typical software packages can provide, they are all searching for something unique to help give their businesses that competitive edge.

We believe in the positive impact that well written, designed and implemented software can have on an organisation. Our passionate team thrives off seeing the great impact our software can have on our customers, their businesses and their lives.

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  • Automotive
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing


  • Auto Parts Group
  • Stramit
  • Wallace Bishop
  • Setech
  • Baxters
  • AgVet Energy
  • Horizon Global
  • Perigon
  • Nulon
  • AAD
  • Pentana Solutions