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About EnableHR

The enableHR Story.
Even lawyers don’t like talking to lawyers. So we built some software to reduce the chance you’ll ever have to talk to one when it comes to workplace law.
enableHR was born in 2006, when co-founder Campbell “Cam” Fisher was working at a specialist law firm stuffed full of expensive lawyers (he was one of them). He knew that running a business while complying with complicated workplace regulation wasn’t easy, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. While big clients with really big problems were happy to pay for expensive lawyers to solve those kinds of problems, smaller companies just couldn’t afford the same kind of support. He became frustrated at the firm’s inability to support these smaller clients and came up with the idea of using technology as a way to solve the very similar challenges faced by all businesses, but solve them in a fundamentally different way.

So you could say enableHR was born out of frustration, and founded on a commitment to make managing HR and legal compliance simple, accessible and affordable.

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