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Frontier Software

About Frontier Software

Founded on commitment, built on quality, unrivalled in delivery
Frontier Software was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1983 and our products are the result of more than thirty years investment in technologies and people, focused on the provision of integrated HR and Payroll software solutions.

ichris (International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution) is a proven solution that delivers modularity, flexibility and functionality and is continually evolving to meet client expectations in the age of technology. Our software delivers secure access to extensive information through on-premise, cloud and mobile options and users benefit from real time data analysis and reporting.

International footprint
Frontier Software provides solutions to more than 1500 organisations in the public, private and third sectors across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Far East. Many of our clients have a requirement for a common HR database for all countries within their enterprise and we help achieve this objective through a global HR database. Plus, our payroll module is available in 23 countries with more to follow. To ensure we deliver on our commitment to providing global solutions, we have 500 staff in 16 offices throughout Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Kingdom with clients in such diverse locations as Aruba, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Falkland Islands and St Helena.

Investing in excellence
Frontier Software is committed to ensuring that our products meet your changing needs and we have a policy of re-investing at least 35% of revenue in research, developing enhancements and on staying at the technological edge. In addition, we monitor changes in business practice, technology and legislation and seek input from our user groups.

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  • Miscellaneous


  • Airbus Asia Pacific
  • Austin Health Hospitals
  • Bank of South Pacific
  • Best Chance
  • CNW Electrical Wholesale
  • Federal Group
  • Latitude Financial Services
  • Melbourne Theater Company
  • Spectum Care



  • ECL21 – Claims & Expenses
  • DSH21 – HR Analytics
  • iChris21 – Human Capital Management
  • IWF21 – Intelligent Workflow
  • LD21 – Learning & Development
  • MHR21 – Mobile Human Resources
  • MC21 – Multiple Contracts
  • ORCC21 – Organisation Charting
  • EPM21 – Performance Management
  • ER21 – Recruitment Management
  • HR21 – Self Service
  • PAY21 – Single Touch Payroll
  • TA21 – Time & Attendance
  • WHS21 – Workplace Health & Safety