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Preparing your ERP Project for Success

Preparing your ERP project for success
Posted by: Sharon Squires-Hansen on
March 1, 2022

SMC Insights: Preparing your ERP Project for Success

Whilst the process of selecting an ERP system can be difficult, the implementation of this new technology can be extremely complex and challenging, for most organisations. A project of this type and size impacts the entire organisation and can be hugely disruptive to a business. It’s little wonder that the statistics are so high relating to failed ERP projects. The causes of failure or at-risk implementation projects are many; lack of executive commitment, unreasonable contracts, poor match with software, or the change initiative is not well managed. So, what are the ingredients that make for a successful ERP implementation and how can you prepare your ERP project for success?

Let’s outline some background of what SMC has learnt over the years and the steps involved to ensure that your shiny new technology has been delivered as you expected, or better.

In our experience, organisations tend to approach digital transformation or digital improvement projects as predominantly technology driven projects. At SMC we know that this is only looking at the tip of the iceberg and that often the top breaks off and the base remains where it has always been.

To us, these are business driven projects, because it is about so much more than just the technology.

We see digital transformation as two distinct modes: Preparation Mode and Execution Mode and our Digital Transformation Model helps to give meaning for our clients to visualise this.

We define mode one as the ‘Preparation’ mode. Quite simply, in this mode, you define your end goal, analyse what you do well and what you can and want to improve on, find the tools and partners to help you achieve this, and help you and your chosen partners define exactly what you each need to do through to the end. For yourselves, it also helps define what you may do post-Project.

In our Digital Transformation Model, Preparation mode is specifically separated into four distinct phases under the following headings; Review and Strategise, Analyse and Blueprint, Select and Negotiate, Plan and Prepare.

In Review and Strategise, we help narrow down the focus of your transformation and define your goal.

In Analyse and Blueprint, we analyse and document what you do well, where you can improve and the desired future ways of working.

Using these introspective insights, in Select and Negotiate we reach out to market and find the right tools and partners to help you achieve your objectives.

And finally, in Plan and Prepare we complete the Preparation mode by completely aligning your chosen partner and yourselves for the journey ahead.

Once you have prepared well we step into Mode two, which we define as ‘Execution’ mode. In this mode, we execute the great work you have done in Preparation mode.

The single phase within Execution mode is Implement and Embed.

In Implement and Embed we provide you with the required skills, expertise and tools to help ensure all parties work together effectively. We ensure all parties execute effectively.

SMC takes a holistic approach across five work-streams of our model.

Underpinning the two modes, and their related phases, is a constant and diligent focus on five pillars that define the essence of your organisation. The People that make you who you are, the Processes they follow, the Data that you produce to guide you, how you Lead, and the Technology that underpins it all. Ignoring or compromising focus on any one of these can have a significant impact on any improvement initiative.

Our model reflects lessons learned from 500+ projects since our inception. SMC is guided by this model when preparing your ERP project for success.

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