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Independent Business Process Improvement Consultants

Analyse your business to define an optimised and streamlined future state.

Want to take the opportunity to improve your operational and support processes as part of your change initiative, rather than investing in new technology that simply runs old processes slightly faster?

Your people know their current ways of working and pain points, so this is the place to start. Business process mapping highlights inefficiencies and improvement opportunities and gets your organisation thinking about the way it wants to operate.

We’ll facilitate workshops and bring your processes to life, documenting them according to industry standards (ie, BPMN 2.0) in a highly efficient way, using a cloud business process management platform for analysis and improvement.

We develop ‘could-be’ future state processes, using ideas from your people and our knowledge of modern enterprise software platforms. Bear in mind you haven’t selected which platform is preferred yet, so you need to remain open to accepting best practices that are baked into modern systems, except where you have real competitive advantages or differentiators.

The reasons why organisations skip this vitally important process mapping and analysis step are:


  • A perceived lack of time; Internal resources lack relevant experience;
  • Limited understanding of how important this phase is to a transformation;
  • Believing that ERP/Enterprise Software ‘best practices’ will solve all their company’s issues, it won’t.

Benefits of your
Business Improvement Project:

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