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Implementation Planning

Before starting an implementation, it’s better to take some time to scope the project, plan in detail and get your organisation ready for the journey.

Organisations often start out with a perception that their implementation partner’s statement of work and project plan represent a holistic effort and cost for the implementation project. Often the picture is incomplete, lacking consideration and integration of your effort and responsibilities.

When this becomes apparent, delays and cost increases are inevitable, as there is significant extra effort and expertise required to address governance, processes, people and data aspects of the project, which are critical in reducing project and organisational risk, and maximizing your return on investment.

SMC’s Plan & Prepare is an exercise to assess and plan all aspects of your implementation project. IPR gives you the whole picture, a complete project plan and confidence to proceed with accurate duration, resourcing and total costs for all parties involved.

Align and prepare your organisation for implementation and ensure you protect your time and investment and achieve the benefits and ROI you were expecting.

SMC’s Plan and Prepare provides you with:

  • Accurately estimated effort, investment and time to achieve the required level of clarity
  • A comprehensive and clear set of quality deliverables to take you through to the end
  • Confidence that the right people from your side and the vendor side are selected and prepared to conduct this phase and the implementation phase
  • A high degree of confidence and a complete picture of the implementation phase

Benefits of engaging
SMC for your Plan and Prepare Phase:

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