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Data Migration

ERP Projects can be difficult to navigate, especially if you don’t do them often. That’s why it is best to engage a specialist ERP Project Manager to assist.

Data migration is an essential step in any enterprise software project. It is also a major contributor to an enterprise software project risk.

Data migration is the one-time process of selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data in order to permanently transfer it from legacy systems to the new systems. The testing and validation of migrated data is then undertaken to ensure accuracy and completeness, and finally the decommissioning of legacy systems and associated data.

Data migration is mostly the client’s responsibility, however the client typically does not have the expertise and / or spare capacity to plan and execute data migration efficiently and effectively.

We see time and time again projects repeat the same mistakes with data migration, with the resulting impact being a project that is delayed, budget overrun, poor data quality and reduced expected business benefits.

Often projects take a highly manual approach and don’t consider how automation tools can accelerate timelines, reduce cost, make repeatable and reduce error.

Give data migration adequate and early consideration when you undertake your enterprise software implementation.


  • Establish a baseline scope, approach, plan and budget
  • Understand your Vendor Requirements to import data
  • Save time and money.

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