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SMC Launches Video Channel 

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Posted by: Sharon Squires-Hansen on
December 2, 2021

SMC is happy to announce that it has launched a YouTube channel to inform Australian and New Zealand organisations on topics about enterprise software enabled digital transformation.

SMC prides itself on being a market leading 100% independent, technology agnostic advisory and consulting company. This is an important difference for organisations looking to select the best enterprise software and technology partners for their business.  

“Being 100% independent means we are just that. We don’t sell software platforms or take commissions from anyone – we are always client-side. Our advice is always bias free and in your best interests,” states Jamon Johnston, CEO and Founder at SMC.  

“We find there is a sometimes a lot of confusion out there when organisations begin their transformation journey. The enterprise software market is vast, complex and constantly changing, with many options to modernise and streamline operations. Deciding the right path to take has never been more important. The failure rates of enterprise software enabled transformations is unacceptably high and we want to play our part in raising success rates. Our purpose is to work with our clients; share the knowledge we have of the enterprise software market, and deliver expected outcomes and benefits,” explains Mr Johnston.  

Helping organisations with information and education has been an ongoing feature of SMC. Over the past few years, it has published a range of Enterprise Software Solution Guides detailing the available enterprise software solutions for various industries. The Guides are an invaluable resource for businesses as they are often a starting point as they look for ERP or other enterprise software solutions to digitise their businesses. The Software Solution Guides are complimentary from SMC’s website and have been extremely popular.

SMC is now launching into video soundbites that will be published on its YouTube channel to continue to share valuable information for educational purposes.  

“We have branched into video to reach out and present information that is sometimes complex, in a distilled, easy to understand way. Naturally, everyone at SMC would be delighted to connect with customers directly but often they search for information online initially. The video soundbites will help to provide information they are seeking, in another format,” states Mr Johnston. 

SMC invites businesses to subscribe to the SMC YouTube channel and become a subscriber to be notified of the latest video postings.

With the new 2022 Vendor Guides soon to be released, SMC encourages clients to also follow the SMC Company page on LinkedIn to receive updated information on when they become available.

SMC is a 100% independent advisory and consulting company that specialises in enterprise software to enable your digital future.