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SMC Opens NSW Headquarters

Posted by: Sharon Squires-Hansen on
January 17, 2022

SMC is thrilled to announce the opening of its New South Wales headquarters in early 2022.

Having continuously supported NSW clients since 2006, and in line with SMC’s goal to have a presence in every major city across Australia and New Zealand, the time was right to set up an office in Australia’s largest city to provide local support for the Sydney market.

Simon Ford has been appointed as Regional Director to lead SMC’s New South Wales practice. Simon brings over 25 years of experience as a CIO and in leading technology consulting businesses. He’s been providing independent technology advisory services to senior executives across a diverse range of industries and is widely acknowledged for his deep expertise and capabilities to set up and deliver complex change initiatives.

“Having worked with clients and supported them with their technology investment decisions and implementations throughout most of my career, the time was right to join the only truly 100% independent enterprise system advisory company. I am delighted to be part of the SMC family and to help support our NSW clients,” comments Simon Ford.

“We are thrilled to have Simon on board as he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help our clients. He really is the perfect fit for us,” states Jamon Johnston, SMC CEO and Founder.

SMC NSW stands ready to complement our Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane offices, to provide independent expert advisory and consulting services to the eastern states of Australia, as well as our clients in New Zealand.

The need for truly independent advisory and consulting services around enterprise technology projects has never been greater, and it is more important than ever to de-risk these initiatives, reduce costs over the life of the investment, ensure a successful implementation and realise the expected benefits.

SMC can help you become more streamlined, modern, and competitive for today’s digital world if you are an organization with inefficient business processes that have outgrown its enterprise systems. For more information, please contact SMC on 1800 SMC ANZ, visit the website or reach out directly to Simon Ford via LinkedIn.

SMC is a 100% independent advisory and consulting company that specialises in enterprise software to enable your digital future.