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CRM Software Solutions guide

Download our CRM Software Solutions Guide 

Download our CRM Software Solution Guide to compare CRM software and choose a suitable fit for your organisation.

At Solution Minds Consulting (SMC), we have a wealth of experience selecting the best digital solutions to maximise business ROI.

We’ve successfully partnered with businesses across all industry sectors to supply them with CRMs that build stronger client relationships, optimise their business operations and provide sustainable growth. Selecting the right CRM software allows you to set up your business for success. 

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CRM Software: Factors you need to consider for your business

Whether you’re a small start-up or a larger-scale business, there’s no denying that all organisations can benefit from investing in the best CRM software to suit their needs. For example, a smaller or mid-sized organisation may not need all the features of a more elaborate CRM solution. Modern software solutions mean that your business has the flexibility to bolt on modules for your ecosystem or create the ideal CRM and ERP mix to suit your business needs.

Our CRM buyers guide will enable you to choose from several CRM solutions to find the best match for your business:

  • On-premise — On-premise CRMs are installed on servers, which can be more expensive and require IT resources and staff for maintenance and installation.
  • Cloud-based — A cloud-based CRM is hosted on remote servers accessed via the internet. This is a far more flexible, scalable solution requiring fewer IT resources.
  • Mobile — This CRM is accessed on a smartphone or tablet, which is useful for businesses with a mobile workforce or to access customer data on the move.
  • Social — A social CRM solution means your business can manage and track customer interactions on social media platforms.
  • Industry-specific — Whether your business is in healthcare, finance, e-commerce or another industry, you can choose a CRM tailored to suit the needs of your industry.

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  • Integration capabilities — Seamless integration with your existing tools and software may be preferable. You can look for a CRM system that easily connects with your project management, email marketing and analytic tools.
  • Cost considerations — Calculate the total cost of ownership, including any subscription fees, customisation costs and potential training expenses.
  • User support — When you compare CRM software, you’re best off selecting a renowned CRM vendor for its excellent customer support. That way, when issues arise, you can depend on timely assistance.
  • User-friendly interface — The best CRM softwares will have an intuitive interface and provide detailed training to your team, so you can maximise its full potential.

Improve customer relationships and your profitability with modern CRM solutions for your business

CRM, or customer relationship management, involves organising and optimising your business’ relationships to drive growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

A CRM system gathers and analyses all your customer data, from contact information to purchases, service requests and more, to provide a complete customer profile and help streamline the customer engagement process. Particularly in today’s hybrid working environment, where a larger emphasis is placed on employees working from home, companies are highly motivated to update their CRMs.

An updated CRM solution provides the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Improved customer relationships 

The best CRM software will help your business maintain and improve customer relationships by providing a central platform to manage customer interactions, track customer data and foster collaboration and communication among team members.

  • Track and analyse customer data 

With many consumers turning to online channels for purchasing and communication, a CRM system will help businesses recognise and respond to these changes by tracking and analysing customer data, providing further insights into customer preferences and behaviour and creating custom reports.

  • Differentiate from competitors 

Allow your business to stand out and build customer loyalty with a better customer experience.

  • Improve your efficiency 

A strong CRM system will enable your organisation to automate tasks and provide a central location for customer data to enable cross-communication across departments.

  • Customise the system to suit your needs

When you compare CRM platforms, keep an eye out for CRMs that allow you the flexibility to personalise the system to suit the needs of your business. For example, some CRMs may integrate with other systems, such as accounting software or e-commerce platforms, so that you can manage all your customer-related information in one online destination.

  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When you compare CRM software, you can choose one that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for a more efficient customer service experience. For instance, an AI-powered chatbot could handle general customer inquiries and save the customer time waiting on the phone for an answer that could be more easily sourced online.

  • Identify trends in customer behaviour 

When you compare CRM software, you’ll find that some CRM systems use predictive analysis to predict customer behaviour and identify trends. This will allow your business to better recognise and anticipate customer needs.

  • Manage customer interactions across multiple channels

The best CRM software for your business may allow your business to manage customer interactions across many channels, from email to social media and messaging apps. That way, you can provide a seamless customer experience regardless of their channel.

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