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Data Management Guide

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Data Management

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Is your business looking for alternatives to your current data management software, but unsure where to start? 

This guide is designed to provide an overall introduction to the top Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation software and to help you narrow down the list of Vendors that may be best suited to your company. 

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The role of data and intelligent automation

To keep up with the competition, your business must seek the best data management software to support all your business functions.

It should also allow your business to automate its processes based on data insights obtained through artificial intelligence.

    Data management

    software solutions

     The best data management software is often cloud-based for low-cost storage and pay-as-you-use services. These include:

    • Data warehouses for a secure method of data access
    • Data lakes to store large quantities of raw data competitively 
    • Data quality tools to validate your data accuracy 
    • Data governance solutions to ensure data integrity and compliance 
    • Master data management (MDM) to streamline your critical data organisation-wide
    • Data security and protection to shield your data from unauthorised access

    Enterprise business intelligence solutions democratise data and provide everyone in your business with the information they need to make crucial decisions faster and more accurately. They track key performance indicators, identify and reduce costs, increase revenue, eliminate guesswork and improve data quality. Types of business intelligence software solutions to consider for your business include:

    • Business intelligence platforms for interactive, self-serving analytics and reporting.
    • Data mining and predictive analytics to analyse large sets of data and identify trends.
    • Data visualisation to present data in a simplified format.
    • Collaboration and social BI to enable users to share insights and collaborate on data together. 


    Business intelligence

    software solutions


      AI solutions


        There are countless ways to use AI for ever-increasing amounts of data at a lower cost, with advancements in machine-learning algorithms for more complex cognitive work. 

        Enterprise AI solutions include:

        – Machine Learning allows systems to improve their performance with experience.

        – Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognise and generate human language.

        – Robotics and Autonomous Systems to simulate the behaviour of physical devices like robots or drones.

        – Expert Systems to mimic the decision-making capabilities of a human expert.

        – Deep Learning, where algorithms are inspired by the structure and function of the brain.

        Robotic Process Automation solutions (RPA)


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        RPA executes repetitive, rule-based actions to leverage its human-like capability and extract useful information from documents and emails to manipulate data and manage workflow. It reduces costs, automates tasks for an improved work experience, reduces risk and improves compliance. 

        Common types of RPA solutions include:

        • Desktop Automation to simulate human actions on a computer like clicking or typing.
        • Web Automation to automate tasks like filling out online forms.
        • Document Processing Automation to automate data entry, document extraction and more.
        • Workflow Automation to create and deploy bots to interact with different systems and perform tasks.
        • Intelligent Automation to automate tasks that require cognitive skills.

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