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HR Payroll & Talent Management Guide


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HR payroll and talent management are two foundational pillars that help ensure the success of an organisation. Effective management of these functions can improve accuracy, employee satisfaction and business growth. At SMC, we’re here to help you choose the best HR payroll software for your business. By replacing your current system with a delegated HRMS system, you can distribute information management systems so that information gathering is not strictly delegated to HR. This way, you can maintain accuracy and avoid overworking your HR staff. 

HR, Payroll and Talent Management Software: Factors you need to consider for your business

  • Accuracy and compliance — Payroll management software ensures employees are compensated to every last cent to prevent disputes and ensure your business is compliant with tax regulations, avoiding potential legal issues.


  • Time-efficiency — Payroll management’s automated system saves your HR department time spent on manual calculations, so they can instead focus on strategic initiatives.


  • Employee satisfaction — Employees receiving their salaries promptly and without errors translates to job satisfaction and a better work environment.


  • Attract top talent — Talent management software allows your business to attract high-calibre individuals keen to join a dynamic work environment that invests in their growth.


  • Training and development — By offering opportunities for training and development, your business can ensure your employees remain at the forefront of industry trends for their own personal benefit and your organisation’s competitive edge.


  • Employee retention — An emphasis on talent management will lead to higher employee retention rates, since employees are far more likely to remain with a company that supports their career aspirations.

Stay competitive by managing your talent pool with the latest HR, payroll and talent management software

Payroll management involves managing employees’ financial records, from salaries to wages, bonuses, deductions and taxes, while talent management involves acquiring, developing and retaining top talent. At SMC, we’re here to discuss how to compare HR payroll software to decide the most suitable option for your organisation. But first, let’s get into how HR payroll and talent management software can make a difference to your organisation.

With today’s increase in hybrid working models, employees are increasingly expecting relevant content anytime, anywhere, in the format and on the device of their preference. They look for workplace culture, trust, engagement and ease of transactions. As a result, organisations that don’t improve employee experience are far less productive in talent retention in today’s competitive market. Businesses must leverage new ways to improve their workers’ digital experience over the next few years.

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To decide the best HR and payroll software for your organisation, we strongly recommend you conduct a rapid business process mapping and improvement project before selecting a new solution. That way, you can choose the best HR and payroll software tailored to your company’s objectives.

When you compare HR payroll software, consider the following:

The extent of HR capability required

HR solutions have several features, making it difficult to decide which features are essential or optional. The key HR solution areas you should look for include human resource management (HRM), core HR, recruiting, learning management, performance management, talent management, career development and succession planning, compensation and benefits allocation, payroll and workforce management (WFM). Take the time to carefully consider the types of HR software relevant to your business and make your purchase decision accordingly.

Integrated vs best-of-breed solution

Consider the scope of HR solutions required for your business, so you can decide between a more integrated solution or a best-of-breed approach. Choosing a best-of-breed approach means choosing individual solutions for individual functions, each from a different vendor. For instance, a payroll solution could be from one vendor, while your hiring and onboarding could be from another. The benefit of a best-of-breed approach is that you can implement specific modules that fit perfectly for your workplace. They are also easier to adapt and adjust as your business needs develop. You may also experience more features since there’s a narrower focus on just one HR function.

The downside of a best-of-breed HRMS option is that they don’t work seamlessly together. It’s then up to the employee to keep data in sync across multiple systems and your HR department will copy data from one system to another, which could be susceptible to errors. Using separate systems also makes sharing information across departments within your organisation challenging. Also, the cost of a best-of-breeds system combined is a lot more than the cost of an integrated system.

When you compare HR payroll software, you’ll find that an integrated solution allows for end-to-end management of the whole employee life cycle. The shared, single database allows for a single recorded system, which is far easier to share across departments than a best-of-breed solution. It lowers your costs and if you experience any issues with your integrated HRMS, there’s only one company you need to contact. Your employees only need to remember a single login and learn how to use the system once before they can access a full host of functions.

Data analytic reporting

Human resource systems help formulate hiring and employee management strategies by providing analytics-driven reports on employee performance across multiple areas to assess skill gaps and plan training accordingly. For instance, reports on utilisation rates and forecast demand are integral for future hiring decisions to support pipeline work.

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