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Professional Services ERP Guide

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Professional Services
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At SMC, our partnerships span diverse industry sectors, encompassing mid-market to large enterprises as well as small businesses undergoing expansion.  We take pride in contributing to the success of businesses offering professional services by assisting in the selection of an ERP solution and ensuring a successful implementation from start to finish.

Download our Professional Services ERP Guide to understand your vendor options and compare software solutions for your business’s digital transformation. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would be happy to help.

ERP for Professional Services: Key considerations when selecting ERP products

Improvements in technology have disrupted the professional services industry by augmenting the way businesses deliver and manage their services. However, there is an increasing opportunity to leverage these improvements to provide higher value services and make better business decisions going forward for those willing to take on these challenges.

The key functionality that we see professional services firms looking for in their enterprise software solutions fall into the following key groups:

  • Project and portfolio management and costing
  • Project resource management
  • Project scheduling
  • Billing
  • Timesheet and expense management

Download our guide for more detailed information on each of these key groups.

Your digital transformation

blue print

The list of common functionalities provided above is not exhaustive, as certain organisations may necessitate more specialised features tailored to their specific type of professional services firm.

For instance, architects and construction professionals may prioritise functionalities like document management and seamless integration with design software over ICT support services, which may be more critical for other professional sectors.

SMC suggests that organisations conduct a thorough analysis to understand the issues they aim to address with a new ERP solution and pinpoint the critical business opportunities they seek to achieve. By doing so, you will gain a more distinct understanding of your organisation’s business and strategic processes, data, and personnel requirements.

This clarity enables a more informed selection of ERP software tools that are best aligned with your objectives. At SMC, we refer to this process as developing your Digital Transformation Blueprint.

If this is something you would like support with, please get in touch.

Choosing the right implementation partner

In our experience as independent consultants, engaging the right implementation partner for your enterprise software project is critical to success.
Conversely, select the wrong implementation partner and your initiative could be destined to fail from the outset.

If you’ve done some research you are likely
to be confused about the enterprise software implementation partner ecosystem in the Australian and New Zealand market. Software vendors may not provide the best guidance either. Often, they encourage you to assess all the different companies out there as best you can and make your own decision.

As a result of helping a multitude of organisations on a daily basis with selections of ERP and as implementation partners,
we have built up a knowledge base of the capabilities and experience of the vast majority.

SMC’s selection services

At SMC, we have an offering to suit everyone’s need with each one progressively reducing your effort and risk.

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