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Get a single source of truth with Data Management solutions for your business

Integrate, transform and manage data from multiple disparate sources into a secure, trusted, single source of truth for reporting, analytics, data science and machine learning.

Leading businesses take a Modern Data Platform approach to securely and cost effectively leveraging data for reporting, analytics, data science and machine learning. A Modern Data Platform is predominantly cloud-based, providing low cost storage with pay-as-you-use services. They provide administration, maintenance, and upgrade services, so you can focus on value adding activities turning data into insights.

Data Integration tools help you connect to data sources, extract the data (periodically in batches, or as changes occur in real-time), transform the data if required, and load it into your Data Warehouse or Data Lake. They can come with pre-built APIs to easily connect to data sources, automate database schema creation and updates, and automate monitoring and maintaining your data pipelines. Data Management tools can help you maintain your master data, data quality, data lineage and data catalogue / business glossary.

What is a Data Warehouse?

  • A Data Warehouse is an automated, integrated, cleansed, transformed, modelled, accessible and secure method of providing easy access to data from transactional, operational, and line of business applications, predominantly for reporting and querying purposes.

What is a Data Lake?

  • A Data Lake is used to store comparatively large amounts of raw source data cheaply and make it accessible, particularly for data science and machine learning purposes. A Data Lake can be used to store semi-structured data (eg, logs, CSV, XML, JSON), unstructured text data (eg, email, documents, web, social media) and binary data (eg, images, audio, video).

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