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Sunsetting MYOB EXO: Explore Options for Your ERP

Posted by: Ruth Hackel on
June 19, 2024

Sunsetting MYOB EXO: Navigate the Crossroads and Explore Options for Your ERP Evolution


Unbiased insights into the critical decision businesses face as MYOB EXO approaches its end of life


Jamon Johnston, CEO and Founder, Solution Minds Consulting (SMC)


Although no date is set, the process to sunset MYOB Exo is underway confronting businesses with a pivotal choice: Should they automatically transition to MYOB Advanced or explore alternative ERP solutions/platforms? With MYOB’s plans to discontinue support and the impending loss of payment processing capabilities for Exo Payroll users in November 2025, it’s crucial for current users to weigh up their options carefully.

While MYOB EXO has been a go-to ERP solution for many SMB and mid-market Australian companies, it lacks modern cloud-native features and functions. MYOB Advanced, positioned as the successor to EXO, offers cloud-native capabilities and robust functionalities. However, it requires a complete reimplementation, prompting businesses to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of this option vs other pathways forward. As businesses navigate this decision-making process, they must consider the potential risks of all options.

As independent ERP experts, Solution Minds Consulting (SMC) provides unbiased insights and guidance to help businesses navigate this complex decision-making process. We understand the importance of exploring all available alternatives tailored to an organisation’s current requirements and growth aspirations. Whether, it’s tier 3 businesses considering solutions like SAP Business One, ECI M1, Wiise, and Global Shop, or tier 2 businesses and tier 3s looking to scale, with options like SAP ByDesign, Oracle Netsuite, D365 BC, Pronto Xi, and Sage X3, with our proven methodology, we offer expertise and support every step of the way. SMC’s Market Scan positions these leading ERP solutions by tier, industry and company size, to help organisations short-list suitable solutions. More detailed information on a range of  solutions can be found in our FREE DOWNLOADABLE CLOUD ERP GUIDE and our FREE DOWNLOADABLE MANUFACTURING ERP GUIDE.



To facilitate this decision-making process, we’ve outlined 12 critical considerations to aid businesses in transitioning from MYOB EXO:

  1. Current system performance
  2. Feature requirements
  3. Scalability for business growth
  4. Integration capabilities
  5. Customisation to meet specific requirements
  6. Total cost of ownership and re-implementation, including software licences, implementation or re-implementation, and ongoing support.
  7. Vendor support and roadmap
  8. User experience and satisfaction
  9. Regulatory compliance
  10. Implementation timeline and business impact and timing
  11. Industry trends and technology advancements
  12. ROI and business value

By carefully considering these factors and consulting with experts like SMC, businesses can make an informed decision that align with their business strategy to set them up for success in the digital era.

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