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About Noggin

The Product
So, our product development came out of Australia, a fact of which we’re very proud. Australians are a melting pot of resilient fellows. Probably more disasters and extreme weather per capita than your average nation state. Perhaps more importantly, it’s home to lots of animals that will kill you. So no surprises that resilience comes naturally.

Battle Tested
Since that time, the Noggin platform has been battle tested in some of the biggest disruptions to communities and corporations the world over. We’ve grown the product capability and the Noggin reputation for no BS, rolling our sleeves up, and getting on with the job, and simply doing things smarter.


    • Business Continuity
    • Crisis Management
    • Emergency Management
    • Safety Management
    • Security Management

    Industry Focus

      • Aviation
      • Education
      • Financial Services
      • Government
      • Healthcare
      • Manufacturing
      • Mining
      • Non-Profit
      • Public Safety
      • Retail
      • Transportation
      • Utilities